Snow Day vs. Delay Day Protocol

Is this year going to be an everlasting winter?

By: Kristie Gong

As the days become shorter and winter turns around the corner, coats and scarves are being pulled out the back of closets. Each snow fall is met with questions of delays or snow days.
Jeffrey Newton, the Superintendent of East Lyme Public Schools, works with the East Lyme Public Works Department, East Lyme Police Department, and a weather service to determine the severity of the weather. Continue reading “Snow Day vs. Delay Day Protocol”

A Society Swept Up in Sexual Harassment

Countless allegations and their impacts

By: Gillian McMahon &
Genavieve Ogren

Producer, Harvey Weinstein. Actor, Kevin Spacey. Fox News Host, Bill O’Reilly. Actor, Ben Affleck. Comedian, Louis C.K. and even the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The list of recently accused sexual harassers goes on forever and is growing daily. With a commander in chief in denial of allegations against him, the president appears to display the notion that sexual harassment is socially acceptable. Other high power celebrities who have committed these heinous acts, also set a negative example. Continue reading “A Society Swept Up in Sexual Harassment”

Just One Gym Mat Away

Don’t know what to do this upcoming season? Winter sports don’t interest you? Fear of becoming out of shape? Just wait, there may be a solution! Here are three different unique activities to keep you in shape this winter.

by Sydney Dow


Zen and Now, a local fitness studio, offers a variety of classes that focus on improving the health of their clients, both emotionally and physically. Continue reading “Just One Gym Mat Away”