Trends to Leave in 2018


We DON’T love these ones, so let’s say goodbye


No one’s proud that this odd form of entertainment has taking our society by storm. Let us all move on and never speak of it again. I feel as though 2019 could go just fine without thousands of 20 minute videos of people chewing or scratching something. Personally, I’m not sure how it came to be or how it stuck around but I do know that there are so many other forms that could be so much more entertaining. ASMR may be one we just have to give up on and pray it doesn’t make it in the history books.

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SAD This Season: Depression’s Effect

Why is winter such a daunting time for students and teachers? TAZIM HOQUE During winter, many factors play into the climate of the school. With holiday break and midterms right around the corner, the transition can be heavy. In addition to holiday break and testing, students may ask: what else plays a role into the daunting time of winter? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a … Continue reading SAD This Season: Depression’s Effect