Softball Team is #DoingitforWhitey

Softball team dedicates their season to their forever loved coach ‘Whitey’

By: Paige Kelly

If there was someone who personified East Lyme, it was Warren “Whitey” Whitehouse. He peacefully passed away on April 6, leaving all of East Lyme heartbroken. However the softball team has dedicated their season to him, keeping his “1,2,3 Whoop there it is” spirit alive.
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How about a year round student section?

By: Amelia Kozlowski

After seeing the impact that the Parkland students and other youth are having on this movement, I found myself wondering how I could have a similar influence on the world as them. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way. However, there is something we can do here at ELHS to begin to create change. Continue reading “WE ARE ONE TEAM”

Professional Teams Honor Parkland

Athletes use their platform to speak out

By: Georgia Thoms

Dwayne Wade, a Miami Heat star, donated $200,000 to the GoFundMe account on behalf of Chicago and also dedicated a special art exhibit to the MSD high school victims. The exhibit titled “Parkland 17” honored the lives that were lost, but Wade did not stop there. He visited the high school to give support in their March for Our Lives movement and also dedicated the rest of his season to victim Joaquin Oliver, who was buried in Wade’s Miami Heat jersey, and the NBA star also wrote his name on his shoes during a game to raise awareness. Continue reading “Professional Teams Honor Parkland”