Just One Gym Mat Away

Don’t know what to do this upcoming season? Winter sports don’t interest you? Fear of becoming out of shape? Just wait, there may be a solution! Here are three different unique activities to keep you in shape this winter.

by Sydney Dow


Zen and Now, a local fitness studio, offers a variety of classes that focus on improving the health of their clients, both emotionally and physically. Continue reading “Just One Gym Mat Away”

Marching Their Way to Glory

ELHS marching band continues to  improve

by: Heather Lally

With only 17 members playing for East Lyme High School’s marching band, they form the smallest band in New England. However, size doesn’t stop them, as they stand second in the state and third in the region.
“Every kid in the band matters and nobody is benched,” said senior Daniel Moore, who is in charge of the woodwind instruments. Moore has been involved in band since fourth grade and his passion for it has allowed him to gain many new friends. Continue reading “Marching Their Way to Glory”

Powder Puff:’18 defeats ‘19

by: Emma Caufield

The year was 1945 and World War II had just come to an end. Due to the wartime draft, only three male students were enrolled at Eastern State Teacher’s College in Madison, South Dakota.
Unfortunately, the low population of male students led to to the cancellation of all Homecoming weekend sporting events. Female students took a stand and decided they would play in the place of the boys and thus, Powder Puff was born. Continue reading “Powder Puff:’18 defeats ‘19”

Diving His Way Into College

Diving His Way Into College

by: Audrey Hausberger

Eight years of hard work and dedication on the diving board is paying off for senior Ben Prouty.
Prouty committed to Division I Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island for diving. Bryant’s diving program is new, but their standings and talent are nonetheless impressive. The swim and dive team as a whole are ranked third in their conference.
Prouty fell in love with diving in his hometown in Virginia at age 10 when his friend showed him how to do a flip into the pool. Prouty then joined his neighborhood pool’s summer diving team. Continue reading “Diving His Way Into College”