How to Phix Everything

A Long and Very Overdue Rant

A recent nicotine vape has taken over the students of East Lyme High School. From the football team down to band geeks, it seems like everyone is addicted to the melon-flavored substance. It has turned from a party activity into a full-blown addiction, so much so that people bring the devices to school. The common phrases, “do you have a Phix?” echo the hallways as people try to get their next hit. They leave class, Phix hidden up their sleeve, and resort to the one place where no teachers can catch them: the bathroom. I’ve seen crowds of people huddled in the bathroom passing a vape, not caring who sees. Continue reading “How to Phix Everything”

Confessions of a Teen-Mom

Let me clarify, I’m not actually a teen-mom. However, my full-time babysitting job sure feels like it. Everyday from 3:15 to 7:15, I feed, change diapers, and look after two girls. The sisters are one and four years old. When I first started the job, I thought it would be a piece of cake due to my camp counselor experience. I had handled 12 six-year-old girls for a week, taking care of two girls for four hours couldn’t be that difficult. Continue reading “Confessions of a Teen-Mom”