Your Opinion Matters, I Promise…

Opinion of Maddie Forester

Politics has always interested me. Be it watching the news, keeping up with the latest updates, or even trying not to fall asleep while watching C-SPAN, I have always found the idea of it enthralling.
So when I took the Contemporary Issues trip to the nation’s capital a few weeks ago, I was more than excited to get to tour the Capitol, but even more so to get to sit in the gallery and watch the House operate and debate. Continue reading “Your Opinion Matters, I Promise…”

Modeling the Future of America

You do not have to be interested in politics to be an active citizen

Opinion of Joyce Lin

If someone had told freshman me that I would eventually have an interest in debating foreign aid, I would have been highly doubtful. I’ve never been one to blatantly state my political alignment or have intense screaming matches over tax reform. But, over the course of my high school career, I have come to realize the importance of participating in the discussion of the world is extremely urgent. Continue reading “Modeling the Future of America”

Spirit Week: A Time to Unite Rather than Compete

Is the ELHS student body becoming too competitive with one another?

Opinion of Hannah Gellar

 It’s that time of year again, where students flood Party City for colorful tutus, each class senate strategizes a discrete plan in order to claim victory, and the energy and enthusiasm is certainly at a high as students plan their scene for the commons decorating. Continue reading “Spirit Week: A Time to Unite Rather than Compete”