Growing Pains

Making the most out of the crucial four years of your childhood Opinion of Joyce Lin As my fellow classmates and I embark upon the final stages of senior year, I have begun to think about what high school has meant to me. Many adults have said that they barely remember these four years or that they do not really matter in the long run. Maybe in 10 or 20 years I will not be able to recall the AP classes that I had breakdowns about nor will I remember the petty drama that would sporadically erupt. Maybe the best … Continue reading Growing Pains

Putting down the lacrosse stick, but not the lessons

A letter to graduating athletes Opinion of Hannah Gellar I remember my first lacrosse practice ever. I was one of the smallest girl on the team, wearing hot pink goggles that came with my new neon green and pink stick. My stick was almost my height, and we would play duck duck goose to practice the technique of cradling. Fast forward 10 years to today after walking out on my senior night last Thursday for lacrosse for our last regular season home game. Lacrosse has always been a staple in my life, from youth league as a Tick, to traveling … Continue reading Putting down the lacrosse stick, but not the lessons

High School: Not like the movies

What I have learned from the “best four years of my life”

Opinion of Hannah Gellar

High school is an interesting time. It’s glorified in movies (High School Musical), it’s dramatized in T.V. shows, and it’s definitely different than you imagined. I remember the last day of 8th grade, when everyone said: “High school will be the best four years of your life!” I always imagined high school would be like High School Musical. Disclaimer: IT IS NOT. Continue reading “High School: Not like the movies”

We Need Change.

An Open Letter to the Student Body
by Maddie Foerster

As I struggled to figure out how to start off this letter, I found my unfortunate answer. On April 3, a woman went into YouTube’s headquarters in California, and with a gun, wounded three workers, and then took her own life.
But somehow, I was not startled. In fact, I was almost unphased. Gun violence in America is a commonality now more than ever. Even closer to home, shootings in our schools are something that our generation has grown up knowing. And I’m sick of it. Continue reading “We Need Change.”