Formica v. Marx

GEORGIA THOMS State senator Paul Formica, former first selectman of East Lyme and co-chairman of the Appropriations Committee, is running again for the position of senator of the 20th district, which includes East Lyme. “My duty is to represent the district as best I can in the general assembly by working across the aisle to make sure we get solutions done for the people in … Continue reading Formica v. Marx

Losing Time and Losing Sleep

Insight on the issues of waking up early for school


The buzzard screech of the alarm clock shakes the sweet, comforting, warmth of sleep from your body. Staggering out of bed looking like a drunker version of your frat-bro cousin, you quickly get dressed, brush teeth, and maybe if you’re lucky grab a bite to go before leaping into the car and trying in vain to not die in a parking lot full of sleep-deprived, inexperienced drivers.

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