Changing the World, One Hour At a Time

Senior Andrew Zhang leaves a legacy in his last year at ELHS

By Genavieve Ogren

For most ELHS students, the 45-minute lunch period is a break from the stresses of school and a time to laugh with friends. However, for senior Andrew Zhang, lunch is filled with responsibilities as he spends his lunchtime being a leader for the student body. Continue reading “Changing the World, One Hour At a Time”

Looking At a Culture Of Insensitivity

Stigma around shaking it off causes society to be okay with spiteful words

By Genavieve Orgen

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt  me.”
This saying has been repeated a continuous amount of times, causing people to brush off the haunting words that are spoken. Teens and preteens have been taught to shake off the hateful words without discussing the need to understand the power behind them.
A simple sentence or word could change someone’s mood instantly, and affect their whole day or more. As a society, people have become insensitive to the labels thrown on  others. Continue reading “Looking At a Culture Of Insensitivity”

Becoming Bilingual

One teacher shares her experience learning a new  language

By Lilly Moffett

As the second most spoken language in the United States, according to, Spanish is becoming more prevalent in the everyday life of Americans, and the need to learn more than one language continues to grow. Although some people have the luxury of living in a household where two languages are spoken, many do not, and learning a new one proves to be difficult. Continue reading “Becoming Bilingual”

Who Run the World? Dogs Do!

How each wag of their tail makes a difference

By Georgia Thoms

Whenever I see or think about dogs, my heart melts. There is something about these adorable creatures that immediately makes me happy and relaxed. Obviously, I am not the only one that feels this way, as therapy dogs exist just for this reason.
Jean Baur, speaker and author of Joy Unleashed, gave me new insight into the importance of therapy dogs, especially in a school environment. Continue reading “Who Run the World? Dogs Do!”