The Garde is on Pointe

A wintry welcome to an annual showcase

by: Georgia Thoms

Every year when the snow begins to fall and the air is crisp, Eastern Connecticut Ballet, aka ECB, performs “The Nutcracker” at The Garde Arts Center in New London.
For over 25 years, ECB has partnered with The Garde.
“It is a nice little package that brings all the arts and downtown businesses together and it brings people together from the two rivers. It has become a tradition,” said Founder and Executive Director of ECB Lise Reardon. Continue reading “The Garde is on Pointe”

A Magical Train Ride

Some of the best features on this Christmas  experience

by: Ella Bradley

Is it the Essex Steam Train or a magical ride on the Polar Express? Families of all ages enjoy this holiday experience bringing to life the Polar Express ride, first made famous by author Chris Van Allsburg and later in the classic Christmas movie.
Walking onto the train last year quickly brought back childhood memories. My younger cousins, Ava (7) and Wes (4) agreed that their favorite part was “seeing Santa and the elves when they gave out cookies and hot chocolate.” Expressions of joy and wonder on the children’s faces made me feel like I was 5 all over again. Continue reading “A Magical Train Ride”

East Lyme Singer’s Got Talent

Maddie Anthony goes into real world armed with her guitar

by: Bailee Columber

“You only have one life so do what you love because you never know what is going to happen,” said junior Maddie Anthony.
East Lyme resident Maddie Anthony is planning on auditioning for the television series “America’s Got Talent” in the near winter. Maddie’s passion about singing has inspired her love for AGT ever since she was a little girl.
Anthony decided to look up auditions after her friends and family repeatedly told her to go “on one of those singing shows.” Continue reading “East Lyme Singer’s Got Talent”

Perfect Pitch is the Key

Sophomore En-Hua Holtz takes perfect pitch to new heights

by: Emma Caulfield

Sophomore En-Hua Holtz has always been fascinated by the piano, from when she was a child playing simple melodies on toy keyboards. Holtz started to take this passion seriously in kindergarten when she watched two girls play a piano duet. That day, she went home and asked her mom for piano lessons. It took two years of convincing until she eventually got her way and changed her life permanently. Continue reading “Perfect Pitch is the Key”

Spotlights of ‘Unnecessary Farce’

IMG_6183Passion, work ethic, determination. These qualities embody sophomore Julianne Lucas‘ love of acting. Her character Billie Dwyer, showcases these same qualities.
“I always really work on putting in time and effort to the things I care about like theater and schoolwork,” said Lucas. Going for this role was something out of ordinary for Lucas. She usually plays villains, but this time around, she wanted to show the entirety of her capabilities. Continue reading “Spotlights of ‘Unnecessary Farce’”