Social Media is Sharing the Message

Teenagers use technology to make their voices heard louder than ever before

By: Emma Caufield & Paige Kelly

Teens spend nearly nine hours a day using social media. Whether it be keeping that 500-day Snapchat streak, or uploading a new Instagram post. But as of Feb. 14, teenagers used social media in a much different and more impactful way. Continue reading “Social Media is Sharing the Message”

A Silent Voice

Our generation has the power to have a voice larger than any other

Opinion by: Daven Roberts

For so long people have motivated hundreds with the power of speech, filling stadiums with famous quotes and rallying the crowd to stand with them. Movements have spread by word of mouth and crawled across the nation one person at a time; movements that have rewritten history by captivating crowds of thousands. Continue reading “A Silent Voice”