The Musical: Taking a Peek Behind the Curtain

Behind-the-Scenes of a musical at  ELHS

By Emma Caulfield

The audience only sees the show when the curtains go up, but what they don’t experience is the months of preparation and hard work that go into putting on a musical. Costumes, sets, lighting, and sound are all fundamental aspects that are often overlooked by audience members but take effort and preparations. The show has been chosen, but what happens from then to showtime? Continue reading “The Musical: Taking a Peek Behind the Curtain”

There is an I in Valentine’s Day

Don’t have a relationship? Follow this advice to not have such a miserable Valentine’s Day

By Audrey Hausberger

Me, myself, and Valentine’s  day. This is how many people spend Valentine’s Day- alone. With no one to cuddle or buy chocolates for on this holiday dedicated to love, it is not hard to feel glum. However, have no fear, for this is the perfect plan for a sensational Valentine’s Day without a special  someone. Continue reading “There is an I in Valentine’s Day”

Internet? More like,’Hi I Am A Chicken Nugget’

An ode to the internet we all know and love

By Paige Kelly

What the wild world of the web has turned into…
In today’s world, the Internet is swamped with funny videos and millions of memes that go viral in a matter of minutes. From Daniel with the white vans to waking people up by slamming pans. To bring back a few memories, here is a look back on a few of the Internet’s most memorable moments: Continue reading “Internet? More like,’Hi I Am A Chicken Nugget’”

Do ‘Likes’ Equal Love?

Opinion of Emma Caulfield

You have to admit, we have all experienced the giddy feeling of joy when someone we admire likes our post on Instagram. That little boost of self confidence can go miles when someone is having a bad day. But there is also a more negative side; does a lack of likes decrease confidence? I have noticed my peers reaching out on other platforms or accounts and asking for likes. Continue reading “Do ‘Likes’ Equal Love?”

Digital Downsides

Looking at the negative impacts of technology on the lives of teens today

By Gillian McMahon

For students growing up in the digital age, a life without technology seems unimaginable. Technology plays a pivotal role in the everyday lives of millennials, even tugging on the leash of older generations who have been forced to adapt to the advances today’s kids have grown up with. Continue reading “Digital Downsides”