13 Historical Fun Facts About East Lyme

There’s a strong chance that if you’re reading this, you live in East Lyme. There is also a pretty high chance that you’ve lived in East Lyme your entire life. Yes, you’re a local, but do you know the history behind our little coastal town? Here are 13 facts to add to your database of East Lyme knowledge, along with where to find the best pizza and what back roads to take when summer people slow down the main roads. The plot of land that houses CVS in Flanders Four Corners used to be Old Caulkins Tavern in the 18th … Continue reading 13 Historical Fun Facts About East Lyme

How to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is here! Sort of! Even though it’s been around 35 degrees almost every day since the end of February, the calendar still points to spring. With spring comes spring cleaning! This doesn’t just apply to your home, this applies to your whole life. Here are some tips on how to clean inside and out. Clean your room Pretty obvious, but everyone functions better in a clean space. Don’t just tidy up, but really dig out your old clutter that may be clogging you mentally too. One way to do this is to go through your clothes and donate things … Continue reading How to Spring Clean Your Life