High School: Not like the movies

What I have learned from the “best four years of my life”

Opinion of Hannah Gellar

High school is an interesting time. It’s glorified in movies (High School Musical), it’s dramatized in T.V. shows, and it’s definitely different than you imagined. I remember the last day of 8th grade, when everyone said: “High school will be the best four years of your life!” I always imagined high school would be like High School Musical. Disclaimer: IT IS NOT. Continue reading “High School: Not like the movies”

Social Media is Sharing the Message

Teenagers use technology to make their voices heard louder than ever before

By: Emma Caufield & Paige Kelly

Teens spend nearly nine hours a day using social media. Whether it be keeping that 500-day Snapchat streak, or uploading a new Instagram post. But as of Feb. 14, teenagers used social media in a much different and more impactful way. Continue reading “Social Media is Sharing the Message”