Debunking Eating Disorder Myths

Eating disorders are a subject that impacts many high school students in different forms, whether it be a severe eating disorder that requires hospitalization, or just disordered eating that becomes rationalized and goes without being diagnosed. Education about eating disorders, specifically in breaking down the facts of eating disorders, is important for high school students as they are the most at-risk age group to contract one.

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On the Topic of Plastic Surgery

Yesterday, I had my lashes lifted and tinted: basically a perm for your eyelashes that allows you to wake up every morning with perfectly curled and dark lashes without mascara. This isn’t the first cosmetic procedure I’ve had done before- hair, nails, and eyebrows certainly happen much more frequently- and it is definitely not the last. Around Prom season, hoards of girls flock to salons to get dramatic, false lashes and long, catty nails. There’s a subtle brag that follows this. The sense of pride and confidence in getting these treatments seems to be reserved for special occasions.

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