Five Stages of Senioritis

In AP Psychology, I learned about the Kübler-Ross model, more commonly known as the Five Stages of Grief. I flicked my eyes between the slides on the PowerPoint and the scrawls in my notebook. The more I thought about it, the more I recognized these signs in my own life. They all revolved around a common cause: college. So, in light of recent revelations, I bring to you: the Five Stages of Grief as exemplified by a graduating high school senior. Stage 1: Denial “This year is flying by, I feel like I was a freshman yesterday!” In this stage, there … Continue reading Five Stages of Senioritis

Why Tonya Harding deserved better

“Folks said there’s no way Obama has a chance unless he goes and kneecaps the person ahead of us, does a Tonya Harding” – Barack Obama during a speech in Vinton, Iowa, 2007

Tonya Harding did not have a lucky lot in life. Abuse is an understatement for the amount of pain, both physical and mental, that she endured as a child. Her mother was only concerned with the performance of her young figure skater, valuing success over love. Among other things, Harding faced beatings from her mother, sexual abuse from her brother, and was even forced to relieve herself on the ice due to her mother’s anger that she was paying for lessons, not bathroom breaks. This torment followed her into marriage with Jeff Gillooly, who she met at the age of 15. Needless to say, Harding sought out refuge.

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Preventing Tragedies in School

Last December, a school shooting threat was made to East Lyme High School. Though the source was unreliable and ultimately an empty threat, the thought was still unsettling. However, in spite of what the fearful consequences of this act really look like, I found myself less than concerned. “Okay,” I thought. “It was just some random person on Twitter spewing out nonsense to scare a bunch of kids.” And with that, I didn’t carry on afraid, I went to all of my classes like a normal day, and didn’t even think of wearing red (like the would-be shooter suggested) as … Continue reading Preventing Tragedies in School

Letting go

Going through high school is kind of like entering the Twilight Zone. Personally, I don’t feel like time flows as well as it should. Some years seem like a drag race while others could get beaten by a snail in a race. In spite of this, my overall impression is that the good times went too fast and the bad times dragged on too slow. My freshman year is now like an old favorite book that escapes more into the fringes of my mind as the days pass. Yellow and green meld together during barely-there memories from freshman and sophomore … Continue reading Letting go