Meet the Team

Our Mission Statement:

As the Viking Saga Website team that has been newly revived this year, we strongly value the power of student voices. These voices will be amplified and will continue to be present in all matters throughout ELHS until change is achieved. The web team will report with integrity and truthfulness, and will report on important issues in a more timely manner with our continuous weekly publication schedule. We assure that publication will ensue with useful research and will promote actions of humanity and accountability to meet the high public standards of journalism. 

The web team also promises to work cooperatively with the print team and collectively improve coverage of more ELHS community issues. As both web and print teams rely on each other, our ethical responsibilities as reporters remain steadfast in outlining all that ELHS needs to be informed of. 

-Viking Saga Web Team 2021-2022

Jamie Kim, Web Editor-in-Chief

Following my intentions from last year, I will continue in my goal to spread awareness of racism and microaggressions of the underrepresented minorities.

As a minority myself, it is my duty to shine light and provide perspective for others, in order to reach a better sense of community. As the Web Editor-in-Chief and with knowledge as the former News Editor, I strive to instill cohesiveness and unity among members of both web and print teams.

Jasper Wright, Web Editor

It’s my third and final year of journalism at ELHS, and I couldn’t be happier to be part of The Saga web team.

This year’s website is sure to be The Saga’s most extensive and interactive web platform. From photo galleries to captivating interactive web articles, I’m hoping to introduce new forms of media and further integrate The Saga in the ELHS community.

Ethan Hibbard, Web Editor

I joined journalism as a sophomore, hoping to learn skills to become a sports journalist. Now, I’m applying to college as a Digital Media major where I will gain expertise in writing, photography, and videography. In my final year of journalism, I’m hoping to expand the website’s range of content.

Along with blog style articles, I look forward to viewing podcasts, interviews, photo galleries, and much more. When I graduate, I hope to leave the website behind as the central hub for all things ELHS.

Print Team:

Our Mission Statement:

The Viking Saga publication is “By the Students, for the Students’’ and our goal is to report news that reflects our school community with balanced perspective, integrity, and honesty. We strive to represent and include all voices that wish to be heard and will promote creating change when needed.

This year, we challenge our readership to be strong allies as well as support those who stand up for others. We will exemplify this through action and storytelling as your school newspaper.

We hope everyone has a great year, and we encourage all students and teachers to get involved in the change we are making.

-Viking Saga Print Team 2021-2022

Noelle Avena, Print Editor-in-Chief

Hey legends! I am Noelle Avena, and I welcome you back to The Saga. I’m excited to be continuing as an Editor-In-Chief this year and bringing trustworthy reporting and fresh takes to our school the best I can.

It will always be my goal that this paper will deliver content without watering down the truth, no matter what form it comes to us in. We are here to support and amplify voices, from the first to last edition, uninhibited. I love to tell people that I’m a direct descendant of Martin Luther, the monk who started the Protestant reformation. Writing rebellion is in my blood! I will be channeling that energy into opinion pieces as always. East Lyme, continue to stay engaged and open-minded as we report our way through another year.

It’ll be an honor to spend my senior year on the Saga staff.


Jennie Sherwood, Print Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back, ELHS! I am excited to return as an Editor-in-Chief again for this school year. As a senior in this role, I am determined to continue to make The Viking Saga a welcoming place for all of our readers. I am looking forward to encouraging a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, just as this year’s mission statement outlines. I will continue to take charge of page design and editing, as well as being the Back Page Editor. Our team is looking to keep doing amazing work while welcoming new editors into the sections, and I can’t wait for the ELHS community to witness and participate in what we do!

If you didn’t already know, I row, play the piano, and teach ukulele lessons. My dad also went to ELHS, and rowed with our current head coach and English teacher Scott Mahon. So thanks Dad for getting me into crew.

I hope you enjoy The Viking Saga this year as much as we enjoy creating it!


Mikayla Stahl, Print Editor-in-Chief

Hello, Viking Saga readers of 2021! I am Mikayla Stahl, one of your Editors-in-Chief and the Opinion editor for a second year. A little bit about me: I am a rowing coxswain, I eat a lot of ice cream, and I love to ski and scuba dive. I am a senior and want to make my last year on The Saga count.

I pledge to cover a variety of groups, people, and issues with integrity and an open mind. I want to learn about and connect with others at our school and in the community. I hope The Saga keeps the ELHS community informed and stays true to our mission statement. I also look forward to getting the student body more involved in the opinion section.

The importance of student voices cannot be stressed enough and I will provide a platform for others to be heard.


Eve Slemp, News Editor

Hi I’m Eve!

I’m a “try-hard” violinist who loves to run and drink chocolate milk. Welcome to the News section! I’m looking forward to writing and bringing you news from our community and world. I promise to publish trustworthy, reliable, and equitable pieces for you. I plan to bring new perspectives, national coverage, and create a community of allies. It is important to report on a variety of issues such as what’s going on in the EL community, country, world, and people’s minds.

I’m excited to be your News editor, your voice, and your ally this year. I’m always looking to connect and learn with you, so feel free to reach out to me or any of the other editors.

The Viking Saga is the voice of the students and we want to hear yours.

Kennedy Holsapple, Features Editor

Hi! Welcome to the Features section!

My name is Kennedy Holsapple. I’m a distance runner and I have an unhealthy obsession with goat cheese. I’m looking forward to an amazing year full of captivating articles and diverse stories.

This year, I aim to shine light on overlooked, yet relevant and meaningful groups of people within ELHS. Advocacy and representation will be a crucial part of the features section, as I hope to educate our community on new and underrepresented ideas.

I will include a mix of serious, heavy pieces, and lighthearted, fun pieces in this section to cater to the interests of everyone in the ELHS community, while keeping The Saga mission statement integrated into every edition. I am beyond excited for you all to enjoy the Features section this year!

Alex Brown, Sports Editor

I’m Alex Brown and welcome to the Sports section of the Viking Saga! Some of my favorite hobbies include hiking, fishing, and just chilling with my friends and family. However, one of my favorite activities is writing, which is why I’m looking forward to keeping all the students and staff at ELHS engaged with what’s going on in the sports world, both on a local and national level. This year, I will do my very best to ensure all voices are heard, and give every sport a chance to be in the spotlight.

It is my belief that every sport and its athletes deserve an equal opportunity to have their stories shared, which I hope to provide to them with the Sports section of the Saga. I will also make sure the articles in my section are relevant and timely. I love to jump out of my comfort zone, which is why I’m really excited to explore the many sports our school participates in and report on all of the many students in EL who are extremely talented at their sport(s).

Ruby McMahon, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Hi! I’m Ruby and welcome to the Arts and Entertainment section! This year, I’m looking forward to highlighting a variety of art forms in the ELHS community. I will cover student body fashion trends, the music programs, book and movie recommendations, theater productions, and more. Through these topics, I hope to showcase the talent and creativity within our school community.

I’m especially looking forward to celebrating self expression through music, film, and clothing styles this year. I hope by this effort, other students will be inspired to explore their own forms of self expression, as voicing interests is a significant aspect of the high school experience. One fun fact about me is that I ugly-cry to every Disney-Pixar movie ever made. I literally cannot watch “Brave” without a hankie. It’s an issue I hope to resolve this year with the help of the fabulous Viking Saga team.

I hope you enjoy this section as much as we do!