About the Viking Saga Team!

Our Mission Statement

The Viking Saga publication is “By the Students, for the Students” and our goal is to report on news that reflects issues in our school community with a balanced perspective. We strive to represent and include all voices that wish to be heard. The Viking Saga pledges to report on all stories that need to be shared with integrity and honesty, and will promote creating change when needed. Our world has shifted greatly this year, so this edition will cover the two significant topics: COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. We hope everyone has a great year, and we encourage anyone to become involved in the change we are making as a school newspaper.
-Viking Saga Print 2020-2021

My role this year is guiding and editing the articles from
conception to print. When I joined the Saga, I was looking for
an outlet for the change I wanted to see in our school. Every
day, that change draws closer. I will always be a writer, and having that recognized and utilized is a gift. To repay this, my goal is to bring creative, radical direction, and to make sure our content is as impactful
as it is consistent. This year, this paper will be a place for all voices, not just those of our team.
Happy reading,

Noelle Avena: Editor-in-Chief & Features Editor

The new chiefs and I are incredibly excited to be back
with The Viking Saga! My role as an Editor-in-Chief will be
to manage the layout of The Saga pages and take charge of
design. I’m happy to be the new Back Page Editor as well. My goal for our team is to have The Saga be a platform for students and staff as a reminder of our school’s unity and to be a place to learn. I’m also excited to welcome our new reporters and photographers! I know they’ll bring a lot of great change-making ideas to our team. I hope you all enjoy reading The Viking Saga as much as I enjoy creating it.
Good Vibe Good Tribe,

Jennie Sherwood: Editor-in-Chief & Back Page Editor

As one of the Editors-in-Chief and the Opinion Editor this year, I will oversee the articles, publishing processes, communication with ELHS, and overall flow of The Saga. To me, journalism is a way to inform readers about important
issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. My goal for our team is to shed light on voices that wish to be heard. From opinion pieces to feature articles, news stories to student write-ins, or wherever there’s a story, I want it to be covered. Especially in times of a global pandemic and a movement for equality, good journalism is vital. I can’t wait for another great year of this newspaper!
Saga Love,

Mikayla Stahl: Editor-in-Chief & Opinion Editor


Sara Tamura (23′)


Alexander Brown(‘23), Natalie Brush(‘23), Kennedy Holsapple(‘23), Sydney Lapham (‘23), Ruby McMahon(’23), Alannah Pont(‘23), Shelby Porter(‘23), William Potopowitz(‘23), Jenna Reddy(‘23), Eve Slemp(‘23)