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Ruby’s Grammys Hot Takes

Evaluating the best 2021 Grammys looks, and what to expect for the Met Gala

Ruby McMahon

Every year, numerous award shows, such as the Emmys, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes captivate millions of people for a four-hour broadcast. This year’s 63rd Grammys Award show was an unconventional one, but there were still aspects like a normal year, such as the larger-than-life outfits, impressive performances, and the resentful artists who didn’t win.

Taylor Swift. Let’s talk about it. Firstly, the mashup of “cardigan,” “august,” and “willow” was stunning. During the performance she wore an elegant, billowy dress, blue with ornate gold detailing, and to top it off, she had a well-deserved crown designed by Oscar de la Renta. The dress could have been better, but since Taylor Swift wore it, I have to give it a 10 out of 10. I would be lying to say my jaw didn’t drop when I saw Swift’s runway look. I have never seen a Grammys dress quite like it, but it was perfect. The dress is fun and colorful, while also sophisticated. So is the representation of her past music to her evolving and becoming the artist she is now. Taylor has gone from country to pop to indie folk, and while doing so, has experienced the criticism, hate, love from those maturing with her. I took her runway as the presentation of this, and I am completely here for it. I would love to see Taylor in a more dramatic dress for the May 3 Met Gala, such as
Oscar de la Renta’s fil coupé gown. Since her designer for the Grammys was by him, it would be a great way
to tie all of her outfits this year together. If I were to play Swift designer for a day, I would reinvent the Grammys dress to something more theatrical from her Grammys look, and the fil coupé gown is a great option.

The opening performance by Harry Styles in his leather suit and green boa still has me speechless. I love when artists wear unusual suits, and his runway look was very eccentric. All of the pieces, from the yellow boots, brown trousers, multiple plaids, and purple feather boa, make it unique and 70s-esque. Harry has shown his collection of floral, ruffled, and metallic suits, and I think he should continue this pattern
with another 70s inspired look. For a future Met Gala look, I would love to see crazy patterns. Harry, you know you can get away with some crazy weirdness in the suits -mix in florals with some ruffles. Maybe a splash of metal with the weird but perfectly “Harry” suits? If he wants to steal the show, I think he should opt for an exaggerated dress like the one he wore for his Vogue photoshoot.

Finally, Megan Thee Stallion’s Dolce & Gabbana dress was stunning (pictured on the right.) The orange dress with diamond necklace, earrings, bracelet, and matching high heels simply the best dress I saw all night. For Megan’s potential Met Gala look, break out a Dolce vintage pink tulle dress, with more of those Grammys accessories to those of her Grammys look.
Overall, this year’s artists really showed off their great taste with the wild pieces and I can’t wait to see what is in store come May.

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