Possible New Viking Logo?

Advanced Graphics class works on designing a new Viking logo for ELHS

Ethan Hibbard

Take a look at the Minnesota Vikings logo, and you might notice that the same logo is on your sports sweatpants or ELHS t-shirt. Similarity between logos and a lack of uniformity throughout different ELHS programs and extra curriculur activities has prompted Advanced Graphics teacher Rachel Redding to assign her students with an important task: designing a possible new Viking logo. Sven, the school mascot drawn back in the sixtees has served as the ELHS mascot for 50 years.

“Sven is our mascot 100 percent. He’s been our mascot forever and he’s a very neat and well drawn design. The problem is, he isn’t relevant to 2021,” said Ms. Redding. In the Advanced Graphics class, students have been learning about logos and how in the graphic design world, every company rebrands themselves. This idea prompted Ms. Redding to challenge her students to rebrand the school logo in hopes of creating something more meaningful and unique.

East Lyme isn’t the only school to consider rebranding, NFA went through with an official logo change just a few years ago. The school took what had been a cartoon looking wildcat and created a new vibrant, fierce looking logo to represent what they stand for today. At the school, each team and club features the logo, presenting a very uniform and connected community image. Their successful transformation served as a source of inspiration for Ms. Redding’s idea.

“I think it would be important for every ELHS program to have the same logo to create a smooth look, instead of the scattered look we present right now. The key is coming up with a logo that represents the school community as a whole, something that everyone can relate to,” Ms. Redding said.

From a lack of uniformity throughout ELHS programs to out of date logos themselves, there are plenty of reasons to change the logo. Of the most important, however, is the violation of copyright laws currently occuring by use of the school’s Viking logo. “Our logo is basically the exact same as the Minnesota Vikings logo. It’s like changing four words in a Harry Potter book and calling it your own work,” said Ms. Redding.

The rebranding process requires a lot of time, thought, and steps to complete, but the class is steadily working to come up with possible options. “We are still in the very very begining stages of the process. We’ve got to come up with a couple good ideas and present it to the people in this building, get their feedback, go back to the drawing board, and it just keeps going like that. It will be a long process but the end result will be worthy of all the hard work,” said Ms. Redding.

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