Diversity Mural to Brighten A2 Wing

French Honor Society plans to paint mural to emphasize social equity, diversity, and inclusion at ELHS

Eve Slemp

Diversity is a prominent theme this year as voices, young and old, speak out against injustices through social media, protests, and art. The French Honor Society, (SHF, “société honoraire de française”) is taking the initiative to spread diversity at ELHS by creating a mural portraying cultural equity.

“There is so much hate and violence in the world, and this mural is going to demonstrate the importance of accepting and appreciating others,” Allie Martin, a junior and member of SHF said. SHF believes diversity is more relevant now than ever in our world, therefore, they decided it is time to move forward with the mural.“This year, social equity, diversity, and inclusion were such a big topic,” Nathalie Casey, one of the advisors for SHF and French teacher said. “The [idea for the diversity] mural has been sitting untouched for a while; now’s the time to get started.”

The mural will be a colorful display of diverse elements, including different cultures, symbols, and beliefs in order to provide a sense of inclusion in the ELHS community. Martin and Zahra Hassan are working closely to create a design for the mural. Hands holding up the world, LGBTQ+ symbols, as well as “LOVE” spelled out in sign language are just a few components to the piece, hoping to remind people that all cultures make up and “hold the world.”

“We decided to create the mural in order to brighten the hallways, add to the environment of our school, and unite all people for love and respect in a world,” Justin Berg, a junior, officer of SHF, and head of the mural committee said. ELHS should be a place where everyone feels safe to express themselves no matter their differences.

The language department spreads diversity as they teach different cultures and languages to their students. In SHF, members work closely with the Haitian Health Foundation and raised $700 this year to sponsor a Haitian woman. Members also have made videos for younger students to spread the French culture. This is a way that SHF shows their value for diversity within the society. Madame Casey, art teacher Rachel Michaud, and some of the SHF members are working on the mural and hope to have it completed by the end of May. Principal Deb Kelly approved the project and members are more than excited to start painting. Students can find it next to freshman and journalism teacher Jeff Beale’s room at A225. “The purpose of this is to spread love and appreciation for the differences in everyone throughout society, because being unique is important in keeping life interesting,” Martin said.

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