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Q&A with Lisa Ramaccia: A follow up on the College Prep webinar

Clarification on many questions about Junior college planning

Interview by Ruby McMahon

Viking Saga: How do students sign up for the ACT?
Lisa Ramaccia: “Much like the College Board, the ACT is also a college admission test. At you create an account and then you register for the ACT accordingly. We [ELHS] are a test site for the April ACT date, we are not a test site for the June and July dates.”

VS: How do students access their Junior folders?
LR: “Junior folders are already made up and ready. We will anticipate a student picking up the folder, if it is a virtual situation, we are happy to leave it at the front desk and coordinate times. We also want to make sure
that you have time to review the folder.”

VS: What if colleges see a lower ACT or SAT score when students send them?
LR: “Say you take the SAT in March with us and register for a June date, and the two combinations are higher across two dates, you are going to want to send the scores from both of those dates because the combination is the highest. Don’t worry about the other scores, because it is in the college’s best
interest to take the highest test profile.”

VS: How do students study for the SAT?
LR: “Students should consider Khan Academy to study for the SAT. It has excellent tutorials, and you can select practice in the math andwriting sections. Ultimately, the PSAT scores can be pulled up in Khan Academy, and it will formulate individualized practice.”

VS: How do students find out what major would suit them best?
LR: “Those who aren’t sure about their plans should research possible careers/majors by reviewing, completing, or restarting the Personality Inventory or Career Interest Inventory on Naviance, reviewing the
Occupational Outlook Handbook, talking to their parents, counselors, and teachers, and researching with an open mind.”

VS: How much time should students and parents put aside for Junior meetings?
LR: “The counselors put aside 45-50 minutes knowing we can talk a lot. We do force the first meeting, and make sure to follow up if you need further assistance or if you want to do another check in. Appointments will begin when we return from February break. We will also be available to create mock college lists. What we want to do is solidify that list in Naviance under ‘Colleges I’m Thinking About.’”

VS: Where can students find important college information?
LR: “Continue to check the ELHS Counseling website along with the Class of 2022 ELHS Counseling Office Google Classroom Page. There we put out information about Naviance, and other questions through slideshows and videos to keep you up to date.”

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