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Teachers Find Peace in Exercise

ELHS teachers are staying fit mentally and physically with the help of virtual marathons

Natalie Brush

Though these past few months have been challenging for students, they have been especially stressful for teachers as well. From handling multiple cohorts, to managing breakout rooms, it has been very hard for them to keep up with this fast-pace learning which has become a norm in 2020. As a way of relieving their stress, some teachers have taken up different forms of exercise, including biking, hiking, and running.

“Running gives me time to escape from everything. You just go into your own little world and take a break from reality,” said physical education teacher Kim Thompson. Teachers have taken this opportunity to stay connected and fit by running virtual marathons. Each person included in the marathon would have a set amount of miles and a set amount of time that they would have to complete it by. This structured challenge helped teachers stay connected and motivated. They would cheer each other on over social media and remind each other to get out and track their miles.

“It’s like therapy. I talk and I run. I’m doing something good for me, and I feel good about myself,” said Jennifer Brush, another physical education teacher. They run because it makes them feel good, and if there is ever a time when everyone at ELHS needs a healthy distraction, it is definitely now.

Both teachers agree that it is important to take time out of the day to go outside, even if it isn’t for a run. “I encourage people to get outside, which can help you deal with all this pressure. Sunshine and a little fresh air will always help you feel more relieved and less anxious,” says Ms. Thompson. You can make this time more enjoyable by inviting friends and family. Remember to stay conscious of social distancing regulations and wearing masks when with people outside of the family. Not only are you helping your mental health by exercising, you’re staying fit and physical.

“COVID-19 has really given me time to focus on my well-being and running. Back in March, I had so much free time and running helped me stay positive. I look forward to going on my runs,” said Ms. Thompson. “You don’t need a gym membership or equipment to go on a run, yet it can do so much for you mentally and physically.”

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