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What is is like to compete in fantasy football during the 2020 season

Marshall Gada

“And with the first pick in the 2020 fantasy football draft, (insert name) selects…”

This is how many students and other fantasy players around the world start their seasons every year. Some are lucky enough to draft their favorite player or even the number one projected player of the season. One part of fantasy always stays the same: that the “my team is nasty” confidence either grows or is completely
gone by Week Six.

“Darren Waller really has been great for me this season. He’s one of the best tight ends in football right now,” said senior Ryan Whaley. Whaley has been playing fantasy football for the past five years and hasn’t had much luck this season due to all the injuries in the NFL. “The real question is, who hasn’t gotten injured this year? When Dak went down, I knew it was over,” said Whaley.

Many fans believe the lack of an NFL preseason may be the reason for such an influx of injuries this season. Big production studs like Christian McCaffery, Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr. and Drew Brees have all gone down this season.

“Even though I’m not winning this year, I still love it and I’m going to keep doing it,” said Whaley. Whaley isn’t the only one that loves fantasy at ELHS.

“Patrick Mahomes has got to be the MVP this season. He’s just playing at a different level,” said junior David Semnoski. Semnoski has had more success this year and is currently the seventh seed in the playoffs. He is looking to be the underdog champion of his league this year. Semnoski has the narrowest win in the league this season, narrowly defeating my own team Week Five by only .9 fantasy points. “That one felt good. Not just winning, but being able to say I won by .9 points is just great.” Semnoski is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and is very happy with how some of the players have been doing in fantasy this year. “It’s just great to see guys like Juju and Chase Claypool putting up great numbers while at the same time still winning games,” he said. This year has been unlike any other due to COVID-19 taking away the preseason, as well as players having to sit out of games who have come into contact or have COVID-19. Players like the Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley, who was originally projected 18 plus points a game, and Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, who was originally projected over 22 points a game, have been battling season altering injuries.

There have been some winners out of all that adversity. Rookies like Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool and Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow have been averaging over 15 points a game and are making a name for themselves in the league. So, the bottom line is, whoever wins their fantasy league this year deserves extra credit for earning that crown in such a one-of-a- kind fantasy season.

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