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DIY Gifts For Family and Friends

Heart warming DIY holiday gifts to for
family and friends without breaking
the bank

Natalie Brush

The holidays are coming up, and you know what that means. Usually, it would mean being out shopping with friends and preparing for Christmas, but wait, not this year. Due to COVID-19, there’s a myriad of new restrictions for any public activity, especially shopping. Here are three DIY gifts that are cheap and pandemic- friendly. These handmade, personal gifts will bring a tear to mom’s eye, warmth to gram’s
heart and a smile to your brother’s face. DIY music plaques are great for friends because you can customize them to their music taste. They are also only about $10 each, so you can make lots of different ones for each of your friends. Find an old picture frame (with the glass in it) that you don’t use anymore, a white marker, a stencil that has the name of your song, a pause and skip button, and the line with the time to show how far into the song you are. You can print these from home by searching “spotify (song of choice) template.”

Step One: Take the glass out of the frame
and trace the stencil with the white marker. It’s imperative to have a steady hand during this part, or else it will look sloppy. If you get sloppy, the money saving element of DIY goes in the trash too.
Step Two: After you are done tracing, you can print out the album cover that goes with the song of choice, or you can print out a picture of you and your friends and replace it for the album cover! Use Mod Podge to glue the image onto the glass.

Candles are always a good gift for the family. They smell amazing and are actually simple to make. What you need is an empty jar (find cool different shapes, like mason jars or a coffee mug to make it even more special), candle wax, candle dye, candle wicks, and essential oils (any oils work fine). You can find everything you need at Michael’s.
Step One: Melt your candle wax over a stove top.
Step Two: Add your essential oils and color of your choice after the wax is done melting. While the wax is melting, prepare your jar by hot gluing your wick to the bottom of the jar. After you have finished melting your wax and added a scent and color, then pour the wax into the jar. Make sure not to overfill it. Let
the wax cool completely, then trim your wick to match the size of the candle. You can also add a customized label to your jar to make it
even more special!
DIY felt blankets are great gifts for siblings. The only required materials are two pieces of felt and scissors. You can use two different colors or patterns of felt to customize it for a sibling. Be sure to use two pieces of felt that are the same size. It does take longer to make a larger blanket then a smaller one, so keep that in mind.
Step One: Line up both fleece pieces, and cut a five inch by five inch square out of all four corners of your fleece.
Step Two: Start cutting about five inches into the fabric on all sides of the felt, leaving one inch in between each cut. Then make sure both of the felt pieces are showing, so that the side with the most color or with the pattern is facing outward.
Step Three: Start tying each five inch strip to another to connect the felt pieces with knots. To tie a knot, take both pieces of fringe making a loop, pulling it through, and pushing your knot upwards. Repeat with all
fringe pieces until you have tied a knot for each strand. Then you’re done!

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