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ELHS Band Marches Through COVID-19

ELHS marching band competes virtually in national championship; places in eighth division

Alex Brown

Whether it’s a rivalry competition, or just for entertainment, the ELHS marching band never fails to fire on all cylinders to do their very best in order to succeed. This year, it’s really paying off. The marching band made it to the national championships this year. They notched a high ranking in the championship, placing
eighth nationally in their division. Their success can be linked to the profusion of effort they put into this
season. They were even featured on NBC news for their astonishing effort during band camp.
“I want to give a big shout out to the seniors and the student leaders for really making this season work,” ELHS band and marching band director, Angelica Fadrowski, said. “And to Ms. Kelly and Mr. Newton, who were very supportive in keeping this season going, regardless of the challenges that it held.”

Band camp was still held this year with some difficult regulations. The band had to practice outside and social distance. Also, no marching was allowed as an added layer of protection. Despite this being a big change to what the students were used to, they were still able to make the best of it. It ended up being a great bonding experience for them. “My favorite part of marching band would have to be the community that we have,” senior and marching band student Grace Barnhart said. “And while we weren’t able to do the same sort of competitions and stuff, I would say that we bonded so much this year going through all
these obstacles together.”
The national competition is typically held in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. However, due to the pandemic, that wasn’t possible. Instead, each band had to record themselves performing and send it to the judges to be scored. Then, after about a week, they would get their scores back. Even though this wasn’t
optimal, the marching band was still able to make the best of it and nail the competition.
The marching band is also so much more than what meets the eye. It’s a community of talented people who love each other and love to play music.
“I love the family environment that we have built,” Ms. Fadrowski said. “I am so proud of
how the students and staff work hard together to make music and meaningful relationships.”

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