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Making the College Transition in a Pandemic

Last year’s seniors update us on their first semester of college amid the pandemic

Marshall Gada

Many students at ELHS aren’t even thinking about college and are just trying to adapt to their current situation at the high school. But for those students who are looking into the future and are wondering what the first few months of college are like, here is what you
need to know. “This Philly food is fiiiiire,” said ELHS graduate and freshman at Temple University, Nate Diaz. Diaz rated his college experience an eight out of ten.
“[It’s] Been tough with Corona to try and meet new people, but as time went on, I found some kids to chill with,” he said. Diaz also expressed the cultural differences in the heart of Philadelphia compared to EL.
“It’s way different over here, it’s a lot more of an urban environment. I’ll get text alerts once a week about any shootings or crimes going on around here. Sometimes they’re as close as two blocks away,” said Diaz.
He has adapted to this environment very well as he said he’s doing well in his classes.
Another ELHS graduate is Joey Grubb, a freshman currently attending the University of Connecticut. This year, Grubb didn’t have to adapt to living with a roommate. Instead, he has an innovative couch bed to fill the
space. Grubb is very eager for activities and sports to resume at UConn. “The second any rec leagues
open back up, I’m in. I don’t care if it’s soccer, football, basketball, or table tennis, I’m in,” said Grubb.
He was an honor roll student in high school, and he continues to take difficult classes in college.
“Organization is key in college. I write everything down, because most of the time, your professor will only say things once. Especially with all of the work I have been getting, I have to stay on top of it,” he said.

Gabby Villa, an ELHS graduate and freshman at Fairfield University, is also adapting to her
new life at her university. Villa loves college so far. After exploring the campus, she found
her favorite spot. “It has to be the mansion on campus. It overlooks the water and has the best views,”
Villa said. She also shared what her professors have been doing in order to help with the COVID-19 learning structure. “They have been really great [with] such flexible office hours, as well as giving us times
to go into their office and get extra help,” she said. These times have been very trying and
difficult for many, but it is nice to see some ELHS alumni finding success in the next level of their education.

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