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Skew’s Supticious Sounds

The lowdown on 90s alternative/punk band Skew’s latest music

Jasper Wright

Who doesn’t need a cathartic way to release the feelings of frustration and angst experienced over the past few months? ELHS juniors Cooper Florio, Dylan McKee, Tommy McGrath, and Will Phimister used
their quarantine free time to create the first single of their band Skew titled “Making Things Worse.”
“Back when we were starting to be friends, we would play covers of easy songs in my basement. We
sounded terrible, maybe good for eighth graders, but nothing like how we sound today. Back then, we never
imagined we would be making and recording our own music,” recalls McKee.
Listening to and creating music has become a great means of bonding for this group of
friends. Phimister and Florio describe the feeling of creative connection as “telepathic” and being “on the same train of thought.”
“Especially when we
start headbanging and having the space to get into the music, there’s this great feeling of freedom and connection between us,” said McKee.
Motivated by the Vans Musicians Wanted contest, the boys felt this was the perfect opportunity to showcase their uncommon “90s alternative with punk roots” style of playing. Feeling inspired by 2000s garage rock, 2000s pop punk, grunge, 90s, late 80s, and classic rock, McKee came up with a guitar
riff “influenced by the teenage defiance vibe.” “There’s a lot of heavy notes and palm muting for the verse. When Will added the bass, I was influenced to add a rhythm guitar to help make the sound fuller. When
producing it, we panned the bass to the left and the rhythm guitar to the right which gives the song a harder hitting vibe.” said McKee.

As for production and mixing of the song, “we were just trying to make do with what we had. We recorded everything into the garage band, constantly adjusting levels and going for what sounds best,” McGrath said.

Though this was the tedious part of the process, the results paid off. Listening to “Making Things Worse,” one can hear not only the band’s dedication to making music, but also the sense of camaraderie built up
from months of practice and inspiration. Skew hopes to release two more singles soon, creating an album giving listeners a taste of their style of playing.
With music available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music, anyone who’s a fan of Nirvana, Greenday, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will surely take a liking to Skew’s music. Listeners can stay up to date
on Skew’s latest music by following their Instagram @ abandcalledskew.

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