Viking Saga

‘My Body My Rights’

Opinion of Jamie Kim

In the days following Supreme
Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s
(RBG) death, President Trump
announced a nominee to take her
place: Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett is
a religious conservative who strongly
opposes women’s rights to abortions.
She may be open to reversing the
1973 Roe vs. Wade decision, in which
the US Supreme Court ruled that the
US Constitution protects the rights
of pregnant women to choose to
have an abortion without excessive
government restrictions.
Women have faced many obstacles
throughout history. It’s only been
100 years since women gained the
right to vote. We’ve been suppressed
by many legal restrictions such as
being unable to own property or go
to college. Women had no personal
liberties and were forced to maintain
the role of a traditional housewife.
We’ve pushed long and hard to gain
the same freedoms as men. To this day,
women are still fighting for equal pay
and rights.
This evolution has taken strides
toward equality, but reversing Roe
vs. Wade would steer our progress
backwards. Misogyny doesn’t just
disappear from a culture, which is why
it’s important to recognize that Roe
vs. Wade is the same ancient fight for
the right for women to control their
own bodies.
RBG prioritized passionate
understatement about women’s rights
and her presence in the Supreme Court
created the opportunity for women to
have the right to a fair wage, attend a
public college, no matter the gender,
and have juries include women. The
impact and progression she has made
to this country could be completely
reversed if Barrett is voted into strong,
federal power. Her position will last her
entire lifetime, meaning her decisions
will impact generations to come.

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