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Final Year Full Of Doubt: Seniors Remain Optimistic

Covid-19 has impacted many senior events but students hope the spring will bring better luck

Senior Ellie McCoy painted her parking spot to show
her recent commitment to UConn lacrosse.

With COVID-19 on the rise, many events have been postponed or cancelled. This ensures people’s health, but how are ELHS seniors dealing with
their final year of high school knowing that the possibility of cancelations for their planned events
are inevitable? The spirit week pep-rally, an anticipated event for seniors, has been cancelled, and
the state of senior prom is undetermined. COVID-19 has brought many unavoidable circumstances that leave seniors with the feeling of an incomplete chapter of high school. “As of now, organizing events is kind of off the table with COVID,” said senior class president, Caroline French. “We held the parking spot painting, which was a big success, but as we get into the colder months, it’s going to be tough to have outdoor activities. That being said, we are still going to be holding socially distanced fundraisers
to continue to raise funds for our prom in the spring. It’s d e f i n i t e l y been tough having all
the changes, e s p e c i a l l y with Spirit Week; it holds so many senior year traditions. We are all really disappointed, but we have hope that some form of Spirit Week will happen in the spring.” Many seniors feel
that their final year is demotivating, with a lack of school spirit from predetermined cancelations. “I feel like a lot of seniors are pretty dejected right now,” said senior vice president George Tziampazis. “Especially being in separate cohorts, it doesn’t feel the same; a lot of the senior spirit we’ve seen from past classes isn’t really there. For me and a lot of other people, Spirit Week is my favorite event of the entire year and for
it to be cancelled is pretty unfortunate. But I think most of us understand that it’s something that couldn’t
really be prevented given the situation we are in.”
On the brighter note, the senior senate is working hard to raise more money for their class and are viewing cancellations more as postponements. They are still working on fundraisers for prom, one of them being a
leaf raking project, which will cover many expenses. The senior senate is hoping to return to “normal” later on in the year and be able to make up for events that they’ve lost. “I have to give a lot of credit to the officers
and think that they’ve done a nice job working together,” said senior class advisor Daniel Nazzaro. “They do try to reach out to everyone, get a lot of input, and are just as busy as anybody else. We have a lot of
athletes and people with busy courses, but they still put in a lot of time.” “There are a lot of really passionate people in the senate, myself and Caroline among them, and we are dedicated to fighting for these ‘senior moments,” said Tziampazis. “We will work extremely hard to make sure that this year will still be one to remember.”

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