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Meet Your Principal

Interview by Noelle Avena

Q. What is your out of school life like?
A. I am a mom, I have two kids who are 25
and 27. My favorite thing to do is whatever
they want to do- we go hiking, spending
time together, watching movies. They
live locally. I love to read, it’s probably my
favorite hobby. As an undergrad, I was an
English major at Wheaton. My master’s
degree is from University of Southern
Maine. I’m originally from the Boston area,
so I’m an avid Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and
Bruins fan.
Q. What do you love about ELHS?
A. First and foremost, I love the students.
I’ve had the distinct privilege as a school
counselor working very closely with the
students for a number of years, and then
as assistant principal you work with two
distinct classes and get to know some of
those students really well. After that, the
other adults in the building- we have a
great faculty and it’s a great team of people
to work with, and they all have the same
feelings about the kids here.
Q. As you used to work with kids very

closely, how has this year been different?
A. Because of the pandemic and limited
access, that is the hardest aspect of this job at
the moment. I like to be out in the morning
and at lunch time, I like to be around the
kids. That’s why I got into this job in the first
place. And yes, being a school counselor
is very different to being an administrator,
but you also, as an administrator, have the
opportunity to make sure that things are
working in a way that works best for the
faculty and counselors to do their jobs with
the kids.
Q. Do you have a message for the
student body?
A. We are so excited to be back in the
building with students. We hope that we can
all work together to be mindful so we can
continue to be in school. Do the right thing.
It’s really hard for you guys to do things that
don’t come naturally- wear your masks, stay
six feet apart, put the mask back on after
lunch, none of those things feel normal, but
if we don’t do those things we could end up
back home.

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