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Jasper Wright

One senior made the most of quarantine

For many people, the memory of quarantine is rather dull — weeks of sleeping in, unproductive zoom meetings, and excessively-forced family time. Though one can assume he, too, had a handful of these memories, senior Rob Bevacqua spent his quarantine honing his craft. “Quarantine suddenly gave me the time to sit down and really finesse ‘Through the Fog,’ which became my first ever full length song I had written, recorded, and published myself,” Bevacqua said. Practicing guitar for the past two years and writing music for the past eight months has only been the tip of Bevacqua’s musical iceberg.

Enrolled in choir since the fifth grade, he describes his musical education as “invaluable.” An important aspect of choir class for Bevacqua was “[having] four voices singing at once where you need to make sure they are all harmozing together. Those rules were easily translated to guitar where I could write for one voice [the guitar] and write a melody which leads into harmony.” Although music is a hobby for him, his musical education has proven beneficial for much more than music. “With lots of practice writing [music, my creative problem-solving abilities have definitely improved. If something’s not working in the music, no different than in school, I’m able to apply the same basic creative problem-solving and get around problems.” Bevacqua has also recognized that reflecting on his academic progress from sophomore to junior year, it is clear that playing music was “very beneficial to [his]intelligence and mental clarity.” Borrowing aspects of music theory learned in choir, Bevacqua’s creative process is off the beaten path. “What’s strange to a lot of guitarists is I wrote it all out in standard sheet music. Most guitarists just figure it out by ear, record it and save it for later. I was very particular about how I wanted it to be, writing out the bass and drum line to the guitar part,” said Bevacqua.

As for every dedicated and inspired musician, “Recording was an ordeal, my best Though my initial reaction when quarantine hit wasn’t excitement about having more time to make music, that’s how it actually panned out. Recordings would only last a day before I found a flaw which had to be reworked. Every single guitar part was re-recorded at least once.” After two months of tweaking, Bevacqua’s EP ‘Though the Fog’ is nearly ready to be published. So what was it that kept the creative juices flowing? “Listening to the music of amazing musicians is definitely a main source of inspiration. There was a Latin rock style track [“Celebration”] I uploaded which was heavily influenced by Carlos Santana. I took aspects of what I heard in his music and synthesized it into something more my own,” said Bevacqua.

His versatile style of playing and musical ear is improving with every moment of practice. For those who wish to support a budding musician, Bevacqua’s music can be found on his Instagram account @generic_guitarist_21 and YouTube @Robby Bevacqua.

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