The Beauty of Art

Artwork around the school takes a new spotlight


     Art: Expressing yourself through emotions and color, in a visual form of painting, sculptures, dance, or photography to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional  power. 

     “[Art] taps into a part of your brain that not many people are able to see. Whether it’s painting or dancing or creating music, you really pour out a part of yourself which can be so healing,” said senior Noah Am Ende. Teenagers have a tendency to bottle up their emotions rather than using their feelings to express themselves. Art is a healthy way to express emotions without directly telling someone how the artist feels. It gives the ability to communicate stories and concepts without having to say anything at  all.

     “I don’t honestly know why I love art so much. It’s compulsive. If I go too long without drawing, I crave it and my fingers itch to begin drawing again. I love how it makes me feel because it’s relaxing and I like creating new things,” said sophomore Saayda Sajid. Opportunities and boundaries are endless allowing you to see the artists unique perspective of the world. Looking at a piece of artwork can be the same as looking through the eyes of someone else. It shows originality and creativity to express viewpoints on different subjects.

     “Something about escaping into your own little reality and focusing on a fun activity. Art is very personal; it is a good way to help express yourself visually, especially the parts of yourself that you might have trouble expressing in words,” said junior Kiana Soto. Art is a way to relieve stress and let go of the things you keep to yourself. “Students can benefit from art because it is an outlet for any hard or wonderful experiences in your life. It is a personal space in which you can be honest with yourself and allow it to unfold into a beautiful, finished piece – that is so magical,” said Am Ende. 

     Inspiration flows through the paintbrush, out the lens, and into the eye. “Inspiration is absolutely everywhere. It can arise from people, from emotions, from nature, from music, from love from loss,” said Sajid. No matter where you go in life inspiration follows, but how you interpret it is what  matters.

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