Templeton Brings Math to the Track

Mr. Templeton starts track meets on the right foot


   Runners ready…on your marks…get set… PEWWW! 

     From football to swimming to firing the smoke, math teacher Roger Templeton is one of the best race starters and referees on the  track. 

     “Mr. Templeton understands runners are new to the sport and has a very calm voice to settle the nerves of a runner before a race,” said boys track coach, Steve Hargis. 

     With 12 years experience, Mr. Templeton knows how to calculate the starting time of runners to make sure everyone has a fair start. No matter how good the runner is, Mr. Templeton always makes sure the race is fair by not letting anyone leave the starting line  early.

     “Years ago at the state championship, Reichard had told everyone to watch the kid in lane 4

…he is going to be the New England champion in the 400m. Lo and behold I had called him for a false start and he was disqualified,” said Mr. Templeton. Although Mr. Templeton has years of experience, some fits have been thrown from the end product of his  calls. 

     “The crowd in the stands were not happy and I felt the heat of being an official,” said Mr. Templeton.

     In addition, Mr. Templeton isn’t perfect, as he can occasionally make some errors.

     “It was for 1000m a couple of months ago. Everyone was hyped up for the race and we were about to start. But his gun ended up not working and he had to reload it,” said sophomore Ilyas  Syed.

     Mr. Templeton divides his time between teaching math and starting at track meets, but sometimes both are combined when he sees his students there.

      “I have seen Mr. Templeton at track meets and yelled ‘hi’ to him, but he just nodded at me. He was in track mode I guess,” said runner Sydney Sager.

     Many students find it hard to see Templeton as a race starter since they are so used to him teaching math, but everyone at ELHS loves how he is fully engaged in the school.  

     Can you add up to the fact that Mr. Templeton is a track starter and referee? Or is it still odd even though all the information is  combined?

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