New Coach: Don’t Sleep on PJ

JV girls basketball coach PJ Zipser takes over varsity role and leads team to big wins


     “It was shock really, just shock, I’m not sure there’s any other way to describe it,” said new girls varsity head coach PJ  Zipser.      

     Just over 24 hours after getting the news of his new role in the program, Coach Zipser suited up for his first home game against Fitch and tallied his first win in his new job.

     “It was a good game. They had cut our lead down to five after being up by a lot, but we still managed to get the win. The feeling when the final buzzer went off was unreal. I was still in shock because it had barely been a day since I got the news.” 

     Since that first game, he is now 4-1 as head coach, including a convincing 17-point victory over rival Waterford.

     It was 11 games into the season when former girls basketball varsity coach Sal Fiorello stepped down due to health and family issues. Coach Fiorello had been in the program for four years and had high expectations for the season, hoping to reach the state and ECC finals at Mohegan Sun. During exam week, athletic director Steve Hargis informed Mr. Zipser that they were in need of a varsity coach and that he would be filling the role. Mr. Hargis released a statement informing players and parents.

     “Since we were so comfortable with Zipser already, it was an easy adjustment and he gets along with the whole team well since he coaches and teaches all of us,” said senior guard Sophie Dubreuil.

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