Midterm First Takes

Freshman first take on midterms and how to improve test taking experiences


A notoriously stressful time for high school students closes the door on the first semester: midterms. These tests demand over a week of adjusted schedules and bring on a tidal wave of uncertainty for every freshman class.

     “My teachers prepared me well for the materials on the test, but I wasn’t really sure what the midterms would look like or how I would go about taking [the test],” said freshman Eric Wang. “It’s hard to make judgment calls on something only been told about and not experienced yourself.” 

    Oftentimes, students are told not to stress for the tests. This can be considered faulty advice because while it’s true stress isn’t the healthiest, this can lead to undermining the importance of the tests.     

     “Freshmen are often going in blind; they really don’t know what to expect. Whereas, sophomores and up have taken them before so they understand what’s coming,” said math teacher Roger Templeton. 

     Upperclassmen can more clearly understand that a test accounting for 10 percent of their grade is worth the effort. 

     Besides not taking tests as seriously, another common mistake going into big tests is time management. 

     “It’s often our instinct to study for a test the day before, but in reality, if you space it out and you do things a little more systematically, you are going to have better results,” said English teacher Julie Teixeria. 

     Comparing grades from A Block classes to H Block classes can vary in success. 

     Some students may find H Block easier, due to an extended period of time to get ready for it. On the flip side, it’s possible to focus on earlier classes and burn out for the later blocks.   

     “I will try to study for my midterms closer to the order that they occur so I can focus on each one more individually. I am going to look over the whole test before taking it so I can pace better,” said freshman Avery Gallo.  

     Understanding changes for future tests are key. When final exams roll around in June, applying studying strategies to the tests could be a difference-maker.

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