Heather's Blog

My Time Spent in High School


I’ve always been a curious kid and never shied away from making friends. Beginning of freshmen year I felt like I was constantly being looked at which made me extremely self conscious about myself and conform to what people wanted me to be. No matter what my answer was, always a prompt “yes” which lead me into some difficult situations. Throughout freshmen and sophomore year I gained and lost some friends. 

I always thought I’d have the same best friend for life and that no matter what happened it’d always be the same routine and the same person I’d see everyday. I was so wrong. 

I’ve matured a lot along my high school journey and have made some friends that I plan on moving to California with after high school. I’m forever grateful for them and to have them in my life. I’ll always be grateful for how they’ve encouraged me that “yes” doesn’t always have to be the go to answer even if it feels wrong. 

Forming your own opinion and standing your ground has helped me grow so much. It was always a battle against myself, I never wanted to let anyone down and be called a loser or worse just because of a decision I made. It’s made my life so much easier to just speak my mind. Telling others no and sticking to my word is something I plan to carry with me through college.

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