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Does High School Really Prepare Us for College?


High school may prepare us in giving us the primary knowledge we need to take college courses, however, does high school really prepare us for life in college? After talking to a future teammate currently at Pepperdine, I’d argue that there are many aspects of college that high school fails to prepare us students.

One major change for a freshman in college is that large introductory classes do not check or give credit for homework. I’ve only had one class at this school that hasn’t checked or given credit for homework. I always did it, but maybe not as thoroughly as I should’ve, for it is my worst overall grade at this school. Not to mention, this was an AP class, which not all college-bound students necessarily take. Senior classes should gradually prepare students for this as many of them won’t know how to hold themselves accountable without homework being checked. There are so many changes from high school to college, and preparing students to hold themselves accountable before college will help make this transition easier.

Not to mention, students take about half the classes they will take in high school at a time in college. Many college freshmen don’t know how to manage so much free time and end up using this time in unproductive ways, such as getting sucked into Netflix or partying. High schools should better prepare students for how to manage free time and make productive use of said free time.

There is a class for the transition from middle school to high school, but it would equally be as helpful to have a class for seniors to prepare for college other than senior academy. There are many difficult social issues that college freshmen face and aren’t prepared to deal with. For example, high schoolers who had strict parents might go crazy at their first college party. It’s no secret that colleges are host to lots of underage drinking, and high schools should teach students how to deal with the influence of drugs and alcohol on college campuses: how to deal with peer pressure and be responsible if students do choose to go to parties. 

Additionally, sexual assault is, unfortunately, a huge problem on college campuses, and high schools do not deal with this problem. High schools need to address how to avoid it and how to prevent the issue before it is an issue in college. 

Also, many college students deal with debt due to the high cost of tuition and don’t know how to manage their money or save for the future. High schools should prepare students with how to save money and plan for future expenses.

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