The Possibilities Music Banks On


       Music is everywhere and used for a variety of reasons. You hear music in elevators and throughout city streets, in some teacher’s classrooms and in the background of commercials. It has an undeniable effect on everyone and is a part of everyday life. To musicians, this is taken to a new level. Musician’s lives are shaped and centered around their craft. 

     Students who play instruments and sing have to do what many think is impossible: develop their creativity and logical academic success concurrently. 

     Musicians say motivation and confidence are some of the hardest parts of learning music. They must become aware of how to overcome these obstacles and thrive. 

     “You have to be totally dedicated to the music, the instrument. The motivation or lack thereof definitely shows,” said sophomore Richard Chen. Chen has been playing both the piano and violin for years. 

     Chen, along with many student musicians, have come to find that their lives have become centralized around music. Hours of practicing, their free time, and school classes all seem to revolve around their music career.

       The path musicians choose to take seems treacherous, but it has valuable lessons to learn. Some of the greatest benefits of learning music, besides the ability itself, are the skills that come with it.

     “Music teaches more than notes and rhythms. It teaches teamwork, time management, and makes you more self analytical,” said Director of Bands at ELHS, Angelica Fadrowski.

    University of British Columbia researched the opportunities music can lend. The study, published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, stated that students who took a music class were more academically advanced and productive than others.

     This data was collected by recording scores of standardized tests from over 112,000 students. The data found that there was a relationship between higher scores and musicians.

Adding some music to a student’s life can be rewarded with benefits and if someone is  thinking about picking up an instrument, it may not be a bad idea.

     “Becoming a musician is the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life,” said Gary Roberts, a professional clarinet, sax and flute  player. 

     Mr. Roberts has been playing his instruments ever since he started in his high school band. It’s brought him joy ever  since.

     Music is something that can inspire and motivate someone forever. Sometimes getting through the challenges are tough, but people become stronger from it in the end. 

     “Not only do I enjoy it and find it extremely fascinating, but the music has allowed me to develop relationships with lots of different people,” said talented singer and piano player, Liberty Smith.

     Smith is a senior and wants to go to college to teach music. She feels the powerful emotions brought up from hearing and producing music are the strongest part of it.

     Music can move people, and also change the course of one’s life for the better.

     “Musicians learn dedication,” said Orchestra teacher Karin Carlson. “I think everyone should give music a try at least  once.”

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