Reflecting on the Extravaganza


In all, the 2019 Extravaganza was successful in raising money for various causes. In all, The district raised about $4500 in total, while the high school raised about $630. ELHS also raised $23 for the New London Homeless Hospitality Center and $293 for Charlie Fennick. The school also rallied $250 for Miracle League and 13 people donated their hair to the Locks of Love Foundation to make wigs for patients who lost their hair to cancer or other diseases. 

“I’m glad that so many people donated, it was more than we initially thought,” said senior Emma Caulfield, who co-organized the hair drive. “It was surprising especially to see the boys who donated. A lot of people were standing around, supporting their peers, and encouraging others to donate. It was a really good feeling.” 

Senior Brooke Erinakes, who performed at the Extravaganza, agrees that the supportive environment during that school day encapsulates the type of community ELHS strives to be. 

“I’ve loved the Extravaganza since freshman year, and the audiences have always been great. I started off the morning being really nervous to perform, but there was a really good crowd who clapped and I had so much fun,” said Erinakes. “It’s fun to see our student talent showcased, and the best part is that it’s for charity. It’s really inspiring to see all of the good that can come from music, performance, and art.”

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