Laid Back Buckets


Basketball is a sport that requires specific skills under dynamic conditions. Successful high school basketball games require strength and power, but for recreational basketball the only requirements are fun, laughter and an occasional poster moment on a buddy. 

Playing with friends and having no worries on the court is a stress-free, fun, and beneficial alternative to playing on the high school basketball team. 

“I’ve always had the wettest 3’s in the league. I’ll shoot from anywhere on the court without any backlash,” said junior player Aymen  Mirghani. 

Some students even have the opportunity to coach teams over playing, such as junior Graham  Mundell. 

“We were down by 17 in the first and led a comeback. By the end of the quarter, the score was 19-17, we were up. It was great and us, as coaches were really happy with our players,” said  Mundell. 

The activity is a great way to stay in shape and improve your skills without the pressure of playing for the  school. 

“Even the tryouts are super lighthearted and super fun to play in. Kids will try trickshots or even try to shoot from full court. It’s all fun and games every kid is guaranteed to have fun,” said junior player Ben  Thomson. 

While playing, teammates become closer on and off the court. 

Kids who have played and coached learn how to play a sport and have easy practices and carefree games. 

“I’ve been the high school varsity basketball team assistant since freshman year, and have had a great experience. Although rec basketball is a great contrast, it’s just another perspective of the sport that allows for kids to have fun while remaining competitive,” said  Mundell.

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