Finessing a 3-Course COSTCO Meal


Hot dogs overflow with ketchup and sweet onions. Bright pink, tropical fruit smoothies fill white paper cups. Free samples of chicken dumplings, yogurt, and chocolate are handed to customers throughout their entire shopping experience. When people want cheap food, Costco is the place to go. But does the price of the food make up for the lack of flavor and rubbery texture? 

On Dec.1, my mom, Andrea Arneson, and I traveled down to 284 Flanders Road to see what all the talk was about. 

Upon arrival at Costco, it was decided to start with samples. The workers at sample stations have no affiliation with Costco. There weren’t very many samples out at the time or they weren’t fully cooked yet, the samples are just portions of products that the grocery store sells on the shelves, so to judge the taste doesn’t affect them at all. Samples served change daily. Stations line the aisles serving pasta, vanilla ice cream, artichoke dip, crackers, and more. 

After walking around to the samples, it was time to try out the “famous” food court. Everything on the menu was very cheap and definitely appropriate quality for the price, but it wasn’t all that. But if you can find $1.50 in your couch cushions, you can get a hot dog and soda. 

Mom was pleased with the variety of toppings such as ketchup, mustard, sweet relish, and onions. However, the soda fountain didn’t have much of a variety, half of the selection was Pepsi. 

Also on the menu, there was a chicken bake, pizza, and chicken caesar salad, all of which were pretty tasty, but we had to wait about 10 minutes for the chicken bake to be  made. 

The salad was delicious and big enough to share with three people. It came with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, and tomatoes. 

When it comes to the sweeter aspects of the menu, two popular items are the churro and soft serve vanilla yogurt. The yogurt was $1.35, and for the price was decent, and a large amount was served, but the taste contradicted that. The taste of the yogurt was sort of rubbery and almost tasteless. The churro was mediocre for $1, it had a crunchy outside but was also dry. 

Overall, the Costco food court is fine for its price, and some of the items are pretty flavorful, but most are overrated for what they actually are. If you are looking to get 3- course for under $10 this is the spot for you, but don’t expect quality food from the Costco food court. 

Other Reviews: 

– “I went to Costco and I had a churro and a smoothie. They were fine, not great, but not good either.” – Sophomore Nishtha Viyulie, who went to the food court shortly after the  opening. 

– “The hotdog was big and had many toppings to choose from.” – Andrea Amerson, who came along for the review. 

– “One time I had a popcorn chicken sample, and it was pretty good. My favorite food court item was the churro because it was a good size for its price,” Sophomore Ben Grant. 

– “I didn’t try any samples, all I went to was the food court. I had a smoothie and it was great because it had a good flavor and texture,” Sophomore Katie Monarca.

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