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Why I Stopped Buying Coffee


See, I’ve never really had much. I was never able to get the fancy dollhouse or go to Disney World every summer. I didn’t have the fancy little televisions on the back of the carseat, I had a worn-down beaten up Orange Kia covered in stickers. It was just my mom and I and our EBT card against the world. I see this as more of a blessing than anything—considering the perspective it has given me in my life. I have never been considerably greedy or selfish and never yearned for more than what I had.

Being almost 18 now, I’ve had the same attitude about materialistic needs my entire life. But since getting a job two summers ago, I have noticed one thing that I’ve been more inclined to spend money on. And definitely “yearn” for. Coffee.

Not just any coffee, but the most expensive, disgusting coffee I can get my hands on. For the past 6 months, I have been stuck in a routine of taking that very worn-down Orange Kia through the Drive Thru of my local Starbucks. Like all things, I didn’t want to admit how bad this was for my body, the environment, and most notably: my bank account. I also didn’t want to admit that this was just a deflection and result of my addictive personality and part of me longing for a routine of some sort. 

So as the new year rolls in, I will no longer be spending $5.25 a day on mediocre coffee. To help with this process and to serve as a reminder, I have made some lock screens for my phone that remind me to think before buying the coffee. If you or a loved one suffers from this problem, I consider sharing this story.

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