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Disney+ has completely brought back my childhood and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I’m watching shows and movies that I forgot existed. Luck of the Irish? I used to watch that movie every St. Patricks Day when I was in elementary school, but it had been years since I last watched it.

 I know every song from the High School Musical series but after rewatching the series I realized I had forgotten much of the plot. One of the weird parts about rewatching these shows and movies is realizing that I’m older than most of the main characters now. I remember watching these shows and thinking characters like Hannah Montana and Alex Russo were so old and mature, now I’m years older than both of them at the start of their respective series.  

Disney+ is also bringing new content to the table. Shows like the Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series are reminiscent of their inspirations, but are a completely new story. They also have new original shows like Encore, where they take a high school cast of musicals from years past and have them put on the show again in five days.

The streaming platform has also introduced me to Disney classics that I never got to experience because I was too young or not alive when they had premiered. Disney+ came into my life at just the right time. My days of childhood are quickly fleeting and Disney+ has made revisiting memories from years past so much easier. While I prepare for college life and becoming an adult, I can re-watch Camp Rock and reminisce about my Camp Rock themed sixth birthday party.

No matter who you are, most people have an emotional connection or memory attached to some Disney movie or TV series. Disney+ brings back those same nostalgic and heartwarming feelings.

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