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Alone in New York


It’s been my plan for a while to go to college in New York City. I love the place and I can’t really imagine myself spending my college years anywhere else. But up until recently, I had never gone without an adult. 

Having a summer job was great, but slow days often led me to impulse online shopping. One day I bought broadway tickets. I didn’t consult anyone before doing so, kind of foolish I’m aware. I just figured I’d play it by ear and it would all work itself out. Thankfully it did.

After some convincing, my mom agreed to let me and one of my best friends go into the city alone to see the show. I was ecstatic. A whole day in New York City to do whatever I wanted.

Liz (the friend that accompanied me) and I caught an 8:15am train out of New Haven and we were off. I was sure to send my mom occasional text updates so she didn’t freak out. 

It was just after Christmas and we had a little extra cash in our pockets so we decided to do something fun. We went to Spyscape. Spyscape is a museum and gave me a personalized spy experience. You complete all kinds of activities and challenges and in the end they tell you what kind of spy you would be. I would be an Intelligence Operative, I’m still not really sure what that is.

After the museum, we got takeout lunch from a small restaurant underneath the famous Plaza Hotel. We took our lunch to Central Park and walked around for awhile. I began to get a headache and we both needed to use the bathroom, so we began to head to the nearest CVS. This is when I learned a very important lesson: if you are ever in the city and need to use the restroom, go to a coffee shop… NOT CVS!

It was beginning to get late so we took the train downtown to eat at Katz’s Deli. After we approached the restaurant and saw that the line to get in was out the door, we decided we needed to find elsewhere to eat. We ended up finding a pretty cool restaurant that I would definitely visit again.

Showtime was nearing, so we went back uptown to the Broadway Theatre to see West Side Story. It was truly one of the most incredible and “cool” pieces of theater I have ever seen. And with that, our day was over and my first trip to NYC was a success!

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