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Why We Love Reality TV


One of my proudest achievements and things I hold onto, is that I have never and will never get into the infamous, fan girl obsessed TV show, The Bachelor. Personally I think it is quite possibly the most over hyped reality show of our time. But like the Bachelor, or the Kardashian’s, or shows like 19 kids and counting, and  Dance Moms, we as a society love to obsess over reality TV. 

Millions and millions of people watch the story of others lives and get so fascinated by the thought of spectating the way others live. The idea of living through other people’s lives is something we dream about. We grow up wishing we were happily in love. Hannah B from the Bachelor, or a thriving young dancer like Maddie Ziegler. I grew up loving these stars. The TV industry puts such a pressure on digging deeper and deeper into people’s lives that it fades the line between what has gone too far. 

Most importantly it exemplifies behavior. Often times there are characters on these shows that are not necessarily the best role models for society. We like to create this example, taking moments only from people’s worst and creating them into a story that people will love. We set examples for the public through a faded reality that we have no idea which parts are actually true. And what is it doing to us? 

I believe that where we are right now is one of the most narcissistic nations in the country. We watch people bathing in money, getting everything they could ever want and we strive to be like them. To be loathing in self gratitude and don’t even give a thought about who they are as humans. They don’t care about the example they leave for the rest of the world. We love reality TV. We love the thought of escaping our own lives to live someone else’s. I just hope that one day we all wake up and realize that real life is not reality TV.

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