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Steps To A Successful Movement


 Step 1: Know Your Movement

What are you doing and why are you doing it? Know who you want to take action and what action you want them to take. “Hey Everyone! Let’s do something!” is not going to get anyone moving. “Hey Moms! Get up and get walking on a weekly ‘mom walk’!” Now I obviously know I wouldn’t be in this movement, but I know lots of moms who would be interested and will gladly pass information on and spread it quicker than one person preaching to the choir.

Step 2: Step 2: Get Educated

What would be the concerns about people starting the movement? Make sure that you are ready to answer any possible question or concern that may come from this. Whether that be from administration or students, you must make sure that you are prepared to handle any backlash that may or will come out of starting this movement. You don’t want to seem unprofessional even if it is something as small as everyone wearing the same color on Friday or something similar. 

Step 3: Step 3: Make it popular

This is essentially the hardest part. Getting things to become trends are really the key component to starting a successful movement. Being in high school, social media is obviously the easiest way to do this, but with that you must BE CREATIVE! Everyone has seen the same instagram story polls or boring survey links, so with this step you need to think hard about creative ways to get your audience involved. Finding a balance between the things you can challenge your audience with along with things they personally can interact with is how you start getting people primarily engaged. 

Step 4: Rally the troops

Now you need to let people know about your movement! Text those you know who will be interested, post all over social media, contact like-minded groups and organizations and let them know. Provide information about your movement, which you came up with in step 1. Sprinkle in some factual tidbits, which you researched in step 2. And if you are moving on a popular topic, like in step 3, there will be no reason for the troops, (at least some troops) won’t rally behind you.

Step 5: Step 5: Set up communication

Create a point of communication and encourage people to participate. This is probably the easiest step because at this point your movement should already be in progress, but you must have a point of communication that people can reference/ask questions to rule out any miscommunication that could occur.

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