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East Lyme 2019 Election Results


Once November elections roll around in towns everyone gets excited to see who the new First Selectman will be, and of course who the new Board of Education members will be. Each new person will play a key role in the function of the town. 

The town’s First Selectman for the fifth year in a row with a close vote, 51.66% votes for Mark Nickerson and 48.34% votes for Camille Alberti.This year has probably been one of the closest elections when it comes down to votes for first selectman. As far as Selectman goes, our very own history teacher, Ms. Rose Ann Hardy, earned every vote coming in at 2,839. 

Moving on down the line is the newest member of the Board of Finance is Ms. Ann M. Cicchiello with 3,108 votes. This position is extremely vital to East Lyme’s community with keeping everyone in check and making sure all of the money is going to the correct spots. 

Now as far as Board of Education, Ms.Jill S. Carnini earned her spot with 3,276 votes along with Timothy Hagen filling a two year vacancy position. This role is highly important along with our Superintendent Mr.Newton who oversees safety in schools and makes sure that everything from the Elementary schools to the High school runs smoothly. 

The Board of Assessment Appeals involves overseeing anything that needs to be overseen again and the newest member of the Board of Assessment Appeals is Suzzane Szupiany with 3,823 votes. This was also a close call with her other opponents having 2,792 votes and 2,589 votes. 

The Planning Commision full term position is now being taken over by Michelle Royce Williams with 3,155 votes and filling the two year vacancy who is also the Board of Finance is Ms. Ann M. Cicchiello.

Finishing up the election with a few more spots left is the Zoning Commissions newest member who is Anne Thurlow with 3,306 votes. The Zoning Commision is vital to East Lyme’s community in order to ensure that big businesses don’t try and build on Oswegatchie Hills so our nature trails can stay intact and free of contractors.

 Finally the Zoning Commission alternate member is Denise Markovitz with 2,571 votes. To sum things up East Lyme’s 2019 Election was very successful and all of it’s new and old members are going to ensure a safe community for all its residents.

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