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18 Things I’ll Miss Before I Turn 18


Though I’ve felt 42 years old since the age of seven–turning 18 is hitting me a little harder than I could’ve predicted. I work at a local bakery, so naturally I interact with older people quite often. The other day a man looked at his wife and simply said, “It’s your lucky day, they have glazed donuts”. It made me think about how fast time will soon pass and the one worry of my day will be if the local bakery still has glazed donuts by the time I wake up. Part of me looks forward to that time, part of me is frightened by the thought of it. Here are 18 childhood/adolescent things I will miss when I’m worried about glazed donuts.

  1. Barbie Movies. The cinematic masterpieces my generation knows of as the Barbie franchise. Honorable mentions: “Princess and the Pauper”, “Barbie Swan Lake” and “Barbie Fairytopia”. Though I haven’t watched these movies in years, I’m sure I could still recite all the songs from my heart.
  2. Not paying taxes. Seems self explanatory.
  3. Staying home from school. One day, this will no longer be a luxurious option for me.
  4. Not paying for school. 
  5. Driving around town in the Orange Kia with my mom listening to music. I worry that I will miss this more than I realize when I’m in the city.
  6. Things losing their magic. Christmas mornings. Birthdays. Snow. I’m scared for the mundanity of adulthood.
  7. Speaking of the bakery, my wholesome bakery job. Including my coworkers, my customers, and the sugar-raised donuts.
  8. All the stereotypical school stuff I pretended not to care about: Homecoming, Prom, Football games, and Spirit Week. 
  9. Sleepover parties. I miss the classic birthday parties with makeovers and a fashion show and prank phone calls and of course, a Barbie movie.
  10. I’ll probably miss some of the trends from now. I don’t think TikTok will be one of them, but deep down, I will miss buzzfeed quizzes and spotify playlists and some of the fashion from now.
  11. Being able to talk about astrology without being embarrassed.
  12. Depop (a vintage app) and thrifting. I hope I don’t lose this practice even if I’m in a place financially where I don’t have to do this anymore 
  13. Big Time Rush. Honestly, I already miss Big Time Rush.
  14. Procrastinating. One day, I will not be staying up till 11 working on an English paper. 
  15. Modern Rap? Rap is the most popular genre for my generation and I wonder if I will hear “Fight Night” by Migos one day and it will remind me of High School.
  16. My dogs. 
  17. Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr and Snapchat…When will we grow out of Social Media. Will we?
  18. Finally, getting coffee through a drive thru. There’s something spiritual about that process to me and there are no drive thrus in the city.

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