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2019-The Learning Year


2019. I think it’s safe to say that this year has been by far the hardest, the happiest, and the coolest year yet. It’s easy to say that for every year of your life, but 2019 truly taught me things that have changed my perspective on the world and my life as a whole. 

Starting off grounded, for reasons that would require a whole other blog, I did not have high hopes for the year ahead. Little did I know this would be the year of drivers licenses, proms, graduations, goodbyes and so many more surprises and opportunities that I will forever remember. 

Thank you 2019 for teaching me what TRUE friends are, how to find them, and value them. This year was a whole lot of trial and error in the friend category. Finding who is right for me, and who makes me feel my best was probably the most important thing I learned. Making sure I am surrounding myself with people who make me feel like the best version of myself is something that I will forever hold onto. 

Thank you 2019 for guiding me in the fact that you’re not always going to have a plan. There are going to be transition stages in life and sometimes not knowing is okay. Being scared of not having your entire life figured out is going to get you nowhere. Accept the change, accept the fact that you’re still figuring things out, and be bold and courageous that everything will work itself out. 

Thank you 2019 for showing me responsibility. I think I had to own up to my actions more times this year than I have in my entire life. It’s gotten me through an awkward stage I’ve had of not being able to admit to things I’ve done, furthermore accept them. 

Thank you 2019 for showing me so many happy moments, for showing me how beautiful life can really be. 

Thank you 2019 for giving me hope for the future and giving me motivation to succeed. 

Lastly, Thank you 2019 for pushing me even harder, making me work that much more, for giving me a new sense of maturity that has truly formed me into the young adult I am aspiring to be. Thank you for the hardest (but still most fun) year of my life. Bring on 2020.

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