William Knows ‘What’s Up’ in High School


    Is it a suitcase or a backpack? Whenever the sound of rolling wheels sounds through the hallways, it means that he is hurrying to his next class. It is nearly impossible to describe senior William Bothe in just a few words. 

     Known for his sense of humor, Bothe creates original jokes about current events, and enjoys creating fun puns.

     “I think my funniest joke is when people ask me ‘What’s up?’ and I say ‘the ceiling’ or ‘the sky.’ It’s funny because it is simple and everyone understands it. I hope people are not getting tired of it,  though.”

     Bothe is a typical student; he takes challenging classes, plays an instrument, and is an active participant in clubs. However, keeping a balance and managing stress effectively helps him overcome the difficulties of the school life. 

     “I wouldn’t say I am never stressed, but I am not overwhelmed either,” said Bothe. “It’s really all about keeping a balance and managing stress effectively.”

     Bothe is also known among his classmates and comrades for his unique personality and  opinions. 

     “He is an awesome cello player, a wonderful person, fun loving, and always happy. He really adds a special vibe to the class. I really appreciate having William in the orchestra,” said orchestra teacher Karen Carlson.

     Rather than scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, he researches the population of European countries on his phone and reads news about politics all over the world. 

     “I’ve noticed that people on Tik Tok try too hard to be funny and only end up being overly weird. Like, there’s a difference between ‘funny’ and ‘What did I just watch?’” said Bothe.  

         Bothe is particularly passionate about is worldwide news and European politics.

     “If I could make something happen right now, it would be to stop Brexit because the entire idea is stupid and I don’t know why it is still worth discussing over. It should just stay the way it is right now.”

     Bothe is positive and tries to avoid what he sees happening around the world and that has become a pattern in our society. 

     “I think something that should be changed in today’s society is that people need to be more tolerant of one another. One thing that I notice is the rise of extremism worldwide, and I feel like people should open themselves up more to the world instead of isolating themselves. We should avoid conflicts and arguments over the stupidest things because that’s what we tend to do a lot.”

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