The Keys to High School Success


     Junior year. Supposedly the hardest year in high school, and even with four AP classes, Biology, Literature, Environmental Science, US History, and swim year-round, junior Grace Vlaun manages to do it all successfully and get to sleep by 9:30.  

     “I take these classes to challenge myself so I can reach my full potential,” said Vlaun.  She wants to grow up to be a doctor: either a dentist like most of her family, or a radiologist. In order to get her dream job, Vlaun has to work as hard as she can.

     Vlaun not only excels in school, but also in the pool. Vlaun swims for the East Lyme High School girls swim team in the fall and on the Nutmeg Aquatics Team for the rest of the year.  Practice makes Vlaun’s schedule a bit tighter, but she loves to swim. 

      “Sports and school impact my life, they teach me perseverance,” said Vlaun. This year, Vlaun broke three relay records, and is ECC champion for the 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle and in both 200 relays.  She also made it to All State, which means Vlaun is one of the top two of the team’s class, in the 200 freestyle.

     Every single student gets distracted from doing their homework at some point, whether it be their phone or a family member who distracts them.

      “My biggest distraction from my homework is my friends and family.  Instead of doing homework on a Friday night to get ahead, I sometimes decide to hang out with my friends or spend time with my sisters instead,” said Vlaun. The way she solves this distraction is by making a schedule. Making schedules allows Vlaun to figure out how much time she can spend with her friends or  family.

     With Vlaun’s tight schedule , she still manages to have a social life by hosting pool parties or small weekend get-togethers. 

      “I think Grace is very hardworking. She’s very charismatic and motivated.  She lets nothing get her down, she is always very tenacious and confident in her abilities,” said junior Ella Arustei, Vlaun’s best friend. 

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