Hahn Splashes and Smashes Record Book


     Varsity swimmer Nikki Hahn placed in top 10 at State Opens in her event, broke 5 records, and made huge contributions to the team’s performances this fall. She won the Most Outstanding Athlete award at the girls’ 20th ECC win and a nomination for ECC Athlete of the Week. 

     Oh, and she’s only a sophomore.

     Hahn never imagined that by her second year she would break the school, pool, and ECC record in the 100m Breaststroke as well as records in the 200m Individual Medley and the 200m Medley Relay. 

     “It’s just crazy because I’m surpassing my long-term goals that I’ve had since I was really young,” said  Hahn. 

     She started competitively swimming when she was and has grown beyond her wildest dreams. Hahn has achieved outstanding athletic success, but one would never know it just by talking to her, due to her humble and modest nature. 

     Her teammates and coaches are all amazed by her accomplishments.  

     “It’s been quite a while since we’ve had someone as talented as her,” said coach Jack Stabach. “She sets a great example for the team in her work attitude and work ethic during practice.” 

     Hahn’s senior captains feel the same  way.

     “She pushes everyone to do their best and push their hardest… and everyone wants to be like Nikki,” says senior captain Katie  Keating. 

     It is no surprise that Hahn is so successful. Throughout the season, she never skips practice or complains about hard sets. Her determination to reach her goals is noticed beyond her work on the swim team.

     “She is so determined. If Nikki has a goal, she will not stop until she has achieved that goal,” says Hahn’s friend, sophomore Erin Prouty. Prouty and Hahn are also crew teammates. As a successful athlete, Hahn started crew her freshman year as a novice, but within a few weeks, she was promoted to the first varsity boat. Even during crew season, Hahn continues to swim, fitting in her practices before her school day begins.

     “I really couldn’t have done any of this without my teammates and my coaches and my friends, of course, too… It’s been awesome having all these people behind me and I want to thank all of them,” said Hahn.

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