Girls Basketball Seniors Lead the Charge


It’s that time of the year, and basketball is back in swing. This year, with Megan Bauman and Katie Durkee graduated,  Sophie Dubreuil and her fellow seniors will lead the charge into this season. 

     The players are excited and ready for the season, poised for potential big successes. With the team reaching the quarter-finals of the state tournament last year, the anticipation for another chance to make a run for the finals is through the roof. 

     “I think our past results have been really good, with two quarterfinal appearances in a row. It really depicts how far we’ve come in the last few years. This year, we will have to handle adversity and being collaborative to be a close family, and if we do those things, everything will fall into place,” said head coach Sal Fiorillo.

     This season’s team is packed with seniors, including Amelia Anglin,  Dubreuil, Julia Fenn, Gillian McMahon, Nadia Tarhini, and Camryn Price, which will be very beneficial to success for this group. Many of the seniors have been playing together since starting out in the youth basketball program, where they won many tournaments. They are hoping to recreate some of their former success in their final year together. 

     “We’ve been playing together for a long time, since elementary and middle school, so we want to finish on a strong note,” said starting point guard Dubrieul.

     “Going to the finals at Mohegan Sun and getting ourselves and our school a banner for a state championship, that’s our ultimate goal,” said starting forward Tarhini.

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