Frozen II As a Skeptic


In 2013, when the nation was struck with “Frozen” hysteria and singing “Let It Go,” I was having none of it. I hated the annoying songs, the princesses, the merchandise, and most of all, the  hype.

     But on Dec. 5, 2019, I went to see “Frozen II” in the movie theater (unwillingly, I  swear). 

     I showed up incognito as not to be noticed, discreetly bought myself a ticket, and prepared for the next hour and 43 minutes of pain.

     To my surprise, the movie was not as bad as I had feared. In it, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf travel to a mystical forest that seems to hold secrets from the past. The journey is a search to understand Elsa’s powers, save the magical forest, and restore Arendelle.

     The movie has many annoying, yet ear-catching songs, such as “Into the Unknown,” “Show Yourself,” and “All is Found.” It has a strong “girl power” message and shows how sisters don’t need anyone but each other to get things done.

     Although I still would not recommend this movie to anyone older than 6, the franchise has grown on me (from mortal enemy to slight annoyance).

     If you’re wondering, NO I haven’t seen the original “Frozen” and plan on keeping it that way.

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