Extravaganza: The Party For Giving Back


   Holiday spirit, comradery, giving back. This year’s Dec. 20 Extravaganza will highlight all three and be the best one yet, according to Extravaganza director,  Jennifer Carney-Brush.

     “What this year is all about is giving back. We’re going to have a lot of charities benefiting 

 and we want to make sure that people know that we care,” said Ms. Brush.

     This year’s Extravaganza is different than previous years: instead of being a day celebration, it lasts the entire week.

     Events such as pajama day, ugly sweater day, sumo wrestling, hair drives, and maroon and white day were discussed for the week.

     Proceeds from the 3v3 basketball tournament at lunch  go to a youth cancer patient assistance network in Connecticut. 

     Students supported a variety of charities leading up to holiday break, such as the Children’s Medical Center, Toys for Tots, and local soup kitchens.   

     Ms. Brush stressed that students don’t have to spend money to participate in the   Extravaganza.

     “There are plenty of opportunities to give back without spending money. We are going to have a coat drive as well as a canned food drive. Any way anyone can help will be appreciated, and you certainly don’t have to spend any money to do so,” she said. 

     Students can donate 10 inches of hair in the Locks of Love hair-donation drive on Wednesday and Thursday. Locks of Love is a non-profit that makes hairpieces for children with cancer and hair-loss related diseases.

     “I hope we can get at least a few dozen people here, donating, to show their support,” said junior Emma Caulfield, the hair drive co-  director.

     Committed students like Caulfield make the  Extravaganza possible.

     “I am so grateful for the help I get from students. We would not be able to have this amazing day without their help,” said Ms.   Brush.

     Students can also show off their talents such as singing and dancing in the Holiday  Performance.

     “Watching the performances last year with my friends was my favorite part of [the Extravaganza]. It was hilarious and moving,” said sophomore Kate Abbey.

     Ms. Brush is confident that the school will come together to celebrate, give back, and get in the holiday spirit.

“This year you will have so many ways to participate. There is no excuse not to,” said Ms.   Brush.

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